How to complete your profile

Updated 9 months ago by Gather

After signing up, we ask a few things to help fill out your profile and make it easier to register for tournaments.

  • Games You Play: This will help us filter tournaments and H2H to you based on the games you like to play.
  • Gamer Tags: Adding in the GamerTags now will save you time when you register for a tournament where they are required. We suggest the gamertags for the games you have said you play. Ex: COD will show Activision and Discord.
  • Gaming Accounts: You can connect with your accounts here, so it’s easier to communicate with other players in the games.
  • Join the Gather Discord: The Gather Discord is an essential connection for our gaming community. Our channel will have announcements and support for our community.
  • Verify your email: We send an email verification to confirm your email address is associated with your account.
  • Coming soon: Check back for more features as we continue to expand our platform. We will be adding more and more functionality in the coming months!

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