How to join a tournament as a solo player

Updated 5 months ago by Gather

  1. Open the tournament page and click the “Join” button at the right top corner of the page.
  • Some games require you to add a specific ID or Discord ID to join the tournament. Adding these IDs makes communication more straightforward within the game/tournament. If your GamerTags are in your profile, you do not need to re-add them.
  • Open Registration: The “Join” button will change to “Leave” status. If you do not want to join, click the “Leave” button, and you will be removed from the tournament.
  1. Join the tournament’s Discord channel on the Gather Discord server (if needed) before the tournament’s start.
  2. Open the game launcher.
You can click the “Leave” button to cancel your participation in the tournament. Available for free entry tournaments only.
You cannot add participants to a closed tournament if no openings are available.

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