How to join a tournament as a team

Updated 3 months ago by Gather

  1. Open the tournament page and click the “Join” button at the right top corner of the page.  
  2. A popup window will appear with the option to select an existing team or create a team.
  3. If you have a team already, your registered team name will be available within a dropdown list.
  • Open Registration: The “Join” button will automatically change to “Joined” status.
  • Registration Required: For tournaments where the organizer approves registrations, the “Join” button will automatically change to “Requested Participation” status until the organizer accepts or declines the participation request. You will receive an email notification when the organizer submits your request.
Only the team owner can send the request to join a team.
You cannot add members to the team if no opening is available. 
  1. Follow the organizer’s instructions and join your tournament channel on the Gather Discord server (if needed) before the tournament’s start.
  2. Open the game launcher.
Team tournaments may have restrictions on the team size. Make sure your team size complies with the tournament requirements.

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