How to join a tournament as a team

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  1. Open the tournament page and click the “Join” button at the right top corner of the page.  
  2. A popup window will appear with the option to select an existing team or create a new team.
If you have been invited to a team playing in the tournament, please click the link in the invitation email you received. Within the opened popup, click the "Join" button to join the tournament with the team, or click the "Decline" button. After declining the invitation, you can join the tournament with another team.
  1. If you have a team already, press “Select a Saved Team” and choose your registered team name within a dropdown list.
  • Registration Required: If the tournament organizer has a requirement to have a full team, the “Join” button will automatically change to “Requested Participation” status until the needed number of players accepts the invitations.
  • For Paid tournaments, each member of the team must pay an entry fee while joining the tournament.
You can press the “Leave” / “Registration Required” button to cancel your participation as a team member in the tournament. Available for free entry tournaments only.
  1. Follow the organizer’s instructions and join your tournament channel on the Gather Discord server (if needed) before the tournament starts.
  2. Open the game launcher.

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