What is on your profile page

Updated 5 months ago by Gather

In your top navigation, you will see:

  1. Tournaments: These are upcoming and past tournaments you have entered
  2. Matches: This is the list of head-to-head matches or tournament matches.
  3. Teams: This page lists the teams you are on and allows you to create a new team.
  4. Settings: Settings are where you can change your username or email address, or gamer IDs. These are important for others to find you in the games, and some tournaments will require a specific ID to play. Example: Call of Duty tournaments will need both Activision and Discord IDs.
  • You can also add some text about yourself and add website links to your Discord Channel, Twitch Stream, or personal website.
  • You can also change or reset your password in settings by clicking “Change Password.

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