Type of tournament

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When creating a tournament, you can select one of the following types of tournaments:

  1. Free for All - Free for All (FFA) is a tournament format that consists of an open group of players competing until all but one are eliminated.
  2. Single Elimination - A single-elimination (SE) is a match or a tournament in which competitors are eliminated after one loss. Only the winners continue to progress in the bracket until there is only one winner.
  3. Double Elimination - A double-elimination (DE) is a match or tournament in which participants must lose twice to be eliminated. The stage is divided into two brackets: a winners' bracket and a losers' bracket. The winners' bracket is a single-elimination bracket that only involves participants that have never lost. The losers' bracket only includes participants that have lost once. In the end, a grand final is played between the winners of both brackets.
  4. Heats - Heats are a tournament format when the tournament organizer must set the time of the tournament in hours, and tournament participants play as many games as they can during that time. The best scores (best one, three, or five scores) during that time period count as the player’s score. The tournament starts on the specified date, or the tournament organizer can start the tournament manually. Once the tournament time ends, there is a grace period of 15, 30, or 45 minutes to submit scores.
  5. Swiss - Swiss is a style where players are slotted in each round and play opponents with similar win/loss records. Winners of the first round will play other winners from the first round. Everyone plays in each round, and winners are determined based on the points accumulated in their matches.

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